Today is the 1st day of March. It’s been exactly a week since my first post here. Formerly whenever I wanted to write a post (in my former blog, Areka), I would first jot down all the points in a note pad. After a few days of editing (adding and deleting the points) I would then publish the post. But to be honest, the final piece of most of my articles usually never come to being published. I was too obsessed being perfect. Not that I did not know that the reality is that nobody on earth is perfect. Just that I had chosen to ignore the fact. But now I told myself that I shall never repeat my silliness.

This time whenever I feel like writing, I just write straight away and publish. No “cooling off” period. After all, practice makes perfect, right?

Well, so much for that blah, blah.

I just watched a movie, titled, “Chrysanthemum of Life” and it ended sadly with death of one of the lead actor. His fiancée was devastated on learning the news of his death. But she recovered rapidly from her sorrows after being consoled by one of her good friends.

Her friend told her that she (the fiancée) was more fortunate than her because her (the fiancée) fiance’s love for her is forever in eternity. And because of this, the fiancée should strive forward with the consolation of knowing that she possessed the most valuable thing money cannot buy – eternity love of her deceased fiance.

I am sure that most of us have in our lifetime experienced the loss of our loved ones. Many says that time is the best healer of all sorrows. Is this true or just a myth? I have known people who are sorrowful till their last breadth.

I believed our purpose of existence in this world is not to be so. Our journey is a long one. We cannot avoid either life nor death. Be a happy person, or a sorrowful person, you still have to live each day. Why not live happily and have a wonderful, memorable life rather than vice-versa? It’s our choice. As they say, life has to continue.