I am usually and always inspired in the morning when I am having shower. Whenever I encounter problems which I’m unable to solve, the solutions just come naturally when the nice cool refreshing drops of the shower’s H2O rains down on me. Or if there are no problems (I always thank God for this), new ideas would sometime creep into my ‘ dormant ‘ sleepy head.

Many times (perhaps due to my ignorance or silliness), after briefly giving a thought to the newly inspired ideas, I would just forget or dismiss them. Perhaps my antiquated brain’s memory bank is overloaded and needs to be formatted. How wonderful it would be if this can be done, just like a computer!

Ever since I have restarted to blog again (please refer to my previous post, Your Comments – My Inspiration) here, my lifestyle habits has changed a little, (and thank God again), for the better. I’ve become more observant, read more, and my mind has become more analytical. Who says blogging is only for fun, or to many people, a vehicle to make more dollars and cents? For me, it’s some sort of “re-formatting” my brain. And of course, like the majority of the bloggers, if I could make extra bucks from blogging, it would be fabulous.  But I forsee that would be in the distance future as I am still a newbie in blogging. In the meantime, I’ll have a lot to read, learn and continue writing posts.

What about you? I would love to know your opinion and comments, whether you are an experienced, established, or just like me, a newbie in blogging. Thank you.