Cartoons by Andertoons

One of the first rules of accomplishment is that you do not have to feel good or in the right mood in order to do something. Accomplishment and goals are reached by rolling up our sleeves and working toward it.

When our goals are not achieved, we may experience discouragement, which over time can turn into depression and even despair – the absence of hope.

Somehow we seem to have slipped into thinking that if we do not feel good or not in the right mood, we are off the hook for doing something that is to be done. This has little to do with doing it.

Word and image lock and control the mind, that is, “lock” our minds into conventional patterns of perceiving, thinking, and speaking that determine our enthusiasm and effort working toward our accomplishment and goal.

Feeling good or in the right mood are not a prerequisite for doing things. Forget about excuses, however relevant or good they may be, or not having the ambition. That will result in not moving and getting things done at all. Excuses are just excuses, no other definition, period. They are usually stepping-stones toward failure.

Are you familiar with the phrases, “I don’t feel like it”or “I’m not in the mood” and used them yourself? When a job needs doing or something needs to be done, then that should be the motivation for doing what is needed.  In life there will be many times when we will not “feel like it” or “not in the mood.” When something needs doing—just do it!