A friend was appalled by a remark that her daughter’s 10-11 year-old male classmate posted on her (daughter’s) social networking profile. It was a four lettered vulgar word. Does character matters?

A good character make the difference between living a successful life or a life of unpleasantly. In this materialistic world, where material wealth is the ultimate goal, we’ve  unfortunately forgotten that good character is important.

Environment, medias, peers, and parents interactions, words and actions profoundly affect the character building of a child as his/her actions are primarily based on others’ influence.

Teens who rise above habitual bad behaviour are usually achievers. Parents are responsible for their children’s behaviour and take note that the more you make character-building decisions, the more your children can be positively influenced by your example.

Parents who teach their children the benefits of good character, molds them to be responsible persons who practice good character and will have a head start in life. This will help them to succeed in life.

Children’s mind are malleable. Clinical studies show that a child’s character begins formation in the mother’s womb and by age 5 a child’s attitude and character are shaped.

Parents must not only correct and teach their children good moral character values, but also must exhibit and demonstrate to them. Guide them to exercise their capacity to choose between good and bad. When your child knows the basics of good character, he’s half way through. The other half is from your guidance and his/her desire to follow through with doing what’s right and avoid the bad.

Ask any parents, and they’d want their children to have good moral character knowing that high moral standards will serve them well in life.

Blaming moral decays on today’s insurmountable medias is a lame excuse for parents. The mistakes some parents made are that they only educate their offsprings about the good sides. They need to emphasize that differentiating between the good and bad and their consequences are important too.

Young people probably don’t give much thought about character, whether good or bad. They prefer to follow their peers and the latest trends.

Your kid may want to put a premium on good character, but because of peers’ or medias influences which do not emphasize on character building, they may think they are an oddity and strange. If your child’s company is not right, help him/her get out of there immediately. Proverbs 13:20 says : “He who walks with the wise grows wise, but a companion of fools suffers harm.”

Do you want your children to build and exercise good character? This depend on what you want them out of their life. You may want them to have a happy, secured, and a successful life. Most, if not all parents do. Made them focus on doing right things instead of allowing others’ negative character to shape their thinking. Don’t let those bad influences of others to rob your children of the good things in life.

To build a good character involves sacrifice and effort. As a parent, when you began noticing the difference between good and bad choices (no matter how insignificant the choices may be) your child made, you can help him/her to start changing. Even by just uttering an unkind or vulgar word is enough to ring the alarm bell. As parents, you need to act, and fast.

Character matters. Good character definitely make the difference between a successful life or a life of regrets and frustrations on your child. We are frequently bombarded with the false premise that good character doesn’t count, except material wealth. This outlook is false. Do not follow the world which is morally corrupt. Take charge and make character building your priority.